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This interactive event features CBD from Perfect Plant Hemp Co., Champagne Tribaut from Authentic Wine Selections, and Flow Yoga led by @theyoginitigress

Buy your tasting kit and join us for this unique and inspiring CBD, Yoga & Champagne, digital ‘Brunch’ on Zoom! 


The event will start with a brief introduction to CBD massage, featuring Perfect Plant Hemp Co’s “Fire & Earth” Warming Muscle Rub led by Lauren Gustafson.  Post-massage guests will be encouraged to enjoy their Full Spectrum CBD gummies so they will be in full “flow state” by the end of their flow. Next, dive into a 45 minutes Flow Yoga session led by Jennifer Estevez 500 RYT Advanced Yoga Instructor and Advanced Sommelier. Post flow you should be thirsty and your CBD gummies will have you vibing. To wrap up we will enjoy a glass (or two) of Tribaut Champagne with a toast and final words from Certified Sommelier Mikayla Avedisian-Cohen. 

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