FNB Live (which stands for “food and beverage”) hosts digital gatherings centered around the kitchen, cellar, and bar. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the beloved interactions that used to occur predominantly in these social spaces are moving online. 

Previously in-person-only experiences such as wine tastings, cocktail seminars, or culinary instruction can be transposed into the digital world; FNB Live pioneers digitalization of these events with our novel platform.

Whether for food, wine, spirits, beer or other community gatherings,  FNB Live focuses on entertaining, but with a healthy slice of education. 


From meal kits orders to cocktail ingredients to wine selection, FNB Live provides you all the tools to follow along with your favorite Chef, Bartender or Sommelier as they practice their craft, creating an unforgettable, personalized experience for you and your group. 

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& interact with Chefs, Mixologists, Sommeliers, Winemakers & many more!