FNB Live is an event production service that aims to connect the very best of food-and-beverage professionals with brands, and to bring restaurant-style experiences into the lives of the 21st century consumer and hospitality professional. 


Excitement for dining and beverages are at an all time high in America, but the ground is shifting around how brands reach consumers and buyers. Regardless of current public health measures to keep people at home, the viability of work-from-home has been proven by the pandemic and everyone will inevitably be spending more time in their home kitchens and dining rooms than ever before.

Founded by career hospitality professionals who have worked in some of the most acclaimed restaurants in America, FNB Live’s staff uses their significant experience and hospitality acumen to replicate the magic of a restaurant-type experience for remote audiences. Our network of world-class chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers is ready to help you tell your brand’s story in an engaging, credible way either for live audiences or for fully-produced video and social content. Whether live, or in an evergreen video format, this content is designed to meet the needs of our zeitgeist.


Everyone misses restaurants, but bringing the magic of a great hospitality experience to your audience in a dynamic, impactful way to reach your audience. FNB Live can provide all the talent and logistical support you need to create great experiences for your brand, which in turn will allow you to create impactful connections with consumers and other hospitality professionals. 


We’d love to work with your brand to create content to meet the needs of our modern food and beverage market. 



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